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2022: Twelve pictures for KiO

Also in the year 2022, Heiner Lammers wants to support the important work of Kinderhilfe Organtransplantation e.V. (KiO) with his artistic work. KiO helps children with sick organs and their families before and after a transplant in social emergencies and was founded by Hans Wilhelm Gäb, who belonged to the table tennis national team as well as Heiner Lammers.                                                    

At this point in 2022 you will find each month one of this pictures for purchase for a  fixed price of 500, 1.000 or 1.500 Euros. The proceeds go to 100 percent to KiO as a donation.

Below you´ll find the advance notice for November 2022.

The fixed price for the picture: 1.000,-€

If you would like to acquire this picture in favor of sick children in need, please send an email to heinrichlammers@gmx.de for  further coordination.

Thank you very much for your interest.

The picture for November 2022:

Title: "Geysers"

Details: Oil on canvas  50cm x 70cm