About his painting - from the concrete to the abstract

Heiner Lammers is interested in almost all facets of  painting - different painting media, different painting technoloques and painting styles. He does not like to exclude any subject for the art of painting.

Thus, for example Lammers paints animal portraits classically concrete style, and other subjects like sceneries or town sceneries in  impressionistic style, or at least impressionistically influenced.

Heiner Lammers appreciates and enjoys very much the pictures of the Great Masters.has in the pictures of big masters. Therefore, it was inevitable that past he interpreted some of their pictures his own way.

At described above, by way of concrete painting he has found the way to abstract painting.For the artist Heiner Lammers "to master the craft of art painting. For the artist it is also a good finger exercise that helps him to preserve what he has learnt. At the same time it is also an excellent basis for skilful abstract painting.

When Heiner Lammers immersed himself in the world of the fine arts his images and imaginations in connection with different painting technologies have led him inevitably to the abstract art.

Abstract painting is now the focus of his artistic creation.